My mission in life is to help people live healthier lives.  My undergraduate and graduate training was in microbiology and biochemistry.  In my "previous life" I worked at a pharmaceutical company for 15 years, and realized I wanted to help people stay off pharmaceuticals as much as possible, because drugs always come with side effects.  Proper nutrition and exercise are extremely helpful for many of the most common conditions today: for example, diabetes, obesity, autoimmunity, and high cholesterol.  

Even though I've changed careers, the principles of biochemistry are the same and

apply directly to nutrition.  I have my Master Nutrition Therapist (MNT) certificate from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO.  Previously, I have received training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied nutrition and practical lifestyle coaching methods.  Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.


I love to cook and am a Natural Foods Chef (certification from Bauman College), with lots of great information on how to prepare tasty, healthy, beautiful meals for all kinds of people - including individuals with issues such as diabetes, gluten sensitivities & other food allergies, cardiovascular concerns, and other problems.  I can also help people who are interested in transitioning their diet into a more healthful one - whether you just want to get more veggies in your diet or whether you want to become vegetarian or Paleo.  There is no one right way for people to eat, since everyone is different.  I can help you figure out the right way for you to eat and feel your best, and make sure you know that cooking doesn't have to be another chore on the to-do list.

I am also a NFPT Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and teach fitness classes at Fit Chick Express in Longmont, CO, and am happy to advise you on what types of exercise are right for you.

Let's discuss your health concerns, starting with a free 15 minute consultation either in person or on the phone.

What People Say about Bobbie

“One of Bobbie's greatest attributes is her ability to listen and in return, provide feedback and advice specific to your circumstances and lifestyle and to team with you to develop workable suggestions on how to correct the behaviors that can have the greatest impact.  Her advice is not about “designing a diet”; it is about assisting you in creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  She is intelligent and knowledgeable, and puts both to work to come up with programs and strategies that work with the added ingredient of personal commitment.”  -A.N.

"My nutrition sessions with Bobbie have been enjoyable and enlightening.  Although I consider myself to be health conscious, Bobbie provided a deeper insight into food choices and habits that would help me achieve my health goals.  Now I’m much more aware of how to adjust my daily routine in small, achievable steps to improve my overall health and well-being. Thank you!”  -N.K.

"Bobbie is an amazing chef and loves to make-over unhealthy family/comfort recipes.  While the recipe is different (since it's no longer drowning in a pound of cheese), it's comforting to still have those family recipes and to know that I'm making a better choice for me and my family."  -P.M.

And start living healthy TODAY